Our firm

Who are our clients ?

PICART accompanies, advises and defends French and foreign companies and groups, public institutions, listed companies, and start-ups.

  • Agribusiness
  • Consumer goods
  • Distribution /Retail
  • Luxury
  • Services to individuals
  • Corporate services sector
  • Insurance

  • Energy & Natural resources
  • Technology innovation
  • R&D
  • Data science & Computer science
  • Industry
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals & Life sciences
  • Transport & Logistics

  • Media & Communication
  • Digital
  • Real estate
  • Tourism sector
  • Hospitality & Leisure

Why us

Our vision of law is strategic.

Our approach is based on corporate strategy and is transverse: analysis of the legal, economic, political and informational aspects of our customers’ activities, and tailor-made, coherent support to ensure that their strategy is backed up by creative, efficient use of the law.

Our expertise in business law is renowned. It was forged in France and abroad, both on the side of the lawyer and on the side of the client, within leading corporate firms and large corporations.

Economic law – contract, distribution, competition, and consumer rights, commercial law, compliance, intellectual property, new technologies and data, and business litigation are our core activities.

Our expertise in business intelligence and interest representation (lobbying).

Europe, Asia, South America and North Africa are the main regions in which our international network is firmly established.

Beyond the law Financing innovation, technical expertise, communication…. These days a law firm cannot be an island cut off from the world. PICART knows how to capitalise on these skills to increase effectiveness.

What is our added value ?

Understanding your economic challenges before acting

Our method first involves gaining an in-depth understanding of the economic activity of each client and its surrounding environment. Our action can only be fully effective if it supports the company’s strategy and objectives.

Seeing the law as a growth driver

The law creates value: anticipation of disputes, contract negotiations, marketing, protection of ideas and know-how, expansion projects, and partnerships. Having a better understanding of the rules, means using them to grow the business and optimise its resources.

What is our method ?

Once the objectives have been set, a team is formed in France and/or abroad. It brings together the skills needed to achieve the set objectives.

No extravagance and no means unrelated to the needs: this agility ensures optimised costs and increased efficiency.

Obscure or complex rules ?

PICART trains professionals in the issues that they encounter.

We train the operational teams of our clients in the legal issues related to their activities;

We train executives and entrepreneurs in several networks including the CentraleSupelec incubator;

We act as a mentor to start-ups specialised in technological innovation;

We decipher developments in the law that are of interest to our clients in our newsletter and our blog.

What billing method is used ?

The effectiveness of an intervention is also measured by the extent of its cost. The Firm’s transparent and detailed billing method is systematically the subject of a fee agreement. It ensures businesses fair and predictable costs.

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