New product : industrialisation/commercialisation

Each stage of a new product, from its design to its introduction on the market, involves a legal component.

PICART accompanies and secures each of these stages.

Starting with the patents, the aspects of intellectual property and know-how need to be locked-in. Then, the partnerships necessary for the product’s materialisation – design, manufacturing, and logistics, along with the regulatory aspects relating to compliance. And finally, introduction on the market.

PICART’s experience gained in the leading-edge sectors of robotics, electronics, medical devices, telecommunications, in chemistry, cosmetics, textiles and consumer products allows us to master a wide range of solutions.
Both for preparatory and follow-up work, specialties in the areas of funding and commercial negotiation further enrich the firm’s offer.


Advice and assistance to a foreign company in the electronics industry prototyping a technological innovation in the field of electronics and its industrialisation through the use of subcontractors. The firm worked to lock-in the aspects of intellectual property, and negotiated contracts for manufacturing, product security, and marking.


Advice and assistance with the marketing of white-label cell phones and tablets by a Chinese manufacturer in the European Union.


Advice and assistance with the industrialization of a technological innovation in the field of drones and its marketing (intellectual property lock-in, negotiation of manufacturing contracts, product security, information security, etc.).


Advice and assistance with the marketing in the European Union of cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products by a Swiss laboratory.


Advice and assistance to a company in the 3D printing sector in prototyping a technological innovation in the field of medical devices.


In 2024, for the seventh consecutive year, DECIDEURS magazine ranked PICART among the best law firms in France and highlighted its “renowned expertise” in DISTRIBUTION LAW & RESTRICTIVE PRACTICES and INDUSTRIAL RISKS & INSURANCE LITIGATION (Liability for defective products).


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