Intellectual property, Data

Under-valued and often ignored, the potential and protection of intellectual property rights are nevertheless of major importance.

In the same way, the collection and processing of “data” open up possibilities for remarkable utilisation and enhancement. Data protection has become a critical issue for businesses.


PICART intervenes in :

  • Protecting the products, services, software, designs and models, as well as conducting patent negotiations;
  • Auditing and valuing intellectual property assets – marketing of rights, a license, or an asset assignment, etc.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts;
  • Securing and maximising the data’s potential at each key stage – collection, protection, utilisation, and enhancement;
  • Securing companies’ informational assets (business secrets, strategic intelligence, protection of sensitive data and knowledge, know-how, R&D, etc.);
  • Advising companies during the design of their innovations or IT systems involving the processing of personal data in order to anticipate its compliance with the GDPR (Privacy by design).

Advice and assistance in defining and implementing strategies for protecting the intellectual property of innovations based on artificial intelligence and Big Data: locking-in of intellectual property rights, contractual negotiations, data protection, and supervision of processing.

Advice and assistance in the design of technological and commercial innovations to ensure privacy protection and compliance with the GDPR (“Privacy by design”).


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