A distribution system is neither unique nor carved in stone: structuring an adequate and scalable distribution system allows for better penetration of the target market, improved positioning, and an optimisation of margins.

This is why PICART’s method, based first and foremost on understanding the issues, the products or services in question, the target market and the competition, makes perfect sense.

The firm’s experience and knowledge of the specific features of each market and activity allow it to accomplish these goals.

PICART advises and assists its clients at each stage of their projects.

PICART also assist its clients in the specific context of their annual or multi-year commercial negotiations.

Indeed, the French commercial code regulates the annual negotiation of the single convention or framework agreement governing business relations between economic partners – suppliers, distributors, service providers, etc.

PICART prepares its clients to make the best use of the provided mechanisms and reviews all contracts to identify possible risks.

Inspections by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF), investigations by the Competition Authority, and the risks related to restrictive competition practices make controlling these negotiations vitally important.

PICART assists its client to negociate these specific contracts.


Advice and assistance during annual commercial negotiations in the areas of specialised or large retail food distribution (supermarkets, home improvement superstores, and specialised supermarkets), the wholesale market, and the specialised and retail sectors.

Advice and assistance in structuring distribution networks involves strategy definition, analysing the most relevant distribution system based on the target market, negotiating and drafting agreements, particularly in the cosmetics, leisure activities, and construction sectors.


In 2024, for the sixth consecutive year, DECIDEURS magazine ranked PICART among the best law firms in France, and highlighted its “renowned expertise” in DISTRIBUTION LAW AND RESTRICTIVE PRACTICES.


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