Software publishers, digital transformation consultants, integrators, IT service providers, market places, and professionals in the digital assets and blockchain technologies sector  are among the Firm’s clients.

Due to the Firm’s longstanding experience litigating in these fields, PICART is highly knowledgeable in issues specific to the “digital sector” and as it relates to businesses.
The line between pitfalls and opportunities is even thinner as the pace of the sector is developing ever faster. Mastering its secrets is proving to be crucial. 


PICART accompanies its clients in :

  • Auditing their contracts;
  • Negotiating and formalising their contracts including SAAS, Maintenance, Hosting, Consultancy Services, Applications, Terms and Conditions of Sale, and Terms and Conditions of Use, etc;
  • Drafting and optimising specific contracts (B2C and B2B);
  • Compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


PICART is also a member of ADAN, an association bringing together professionals in the digital assets and blockchain technologies sector in France and Europe.


Advice and assistance to businesses when launching marketplaces in the fashion and parapharmaceutical sectors: definition of the relevant contractual framework in relation to the business model of the marketplace, negotiation and drafting of B2B contracts, drafting of the General Terms of Use (B2C), protection of intellectual property, safeguarding and locking-in of databases, and supervision and legal security of data processing.


Advice and assistance in the design of technological and commercial applications to ensure privacy protection and compliance with the GDPR (“Privacy by design“).


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