PICART’s experience with partnerships involving confidentiality agreements, research & development contracts, consortiums, business affiliations, and technological cooperation, its experience with specific supplier issues involving contracts and manufacturing agreements, subcontracting issues, relations with intermediaries involving distribution, logistics, and service contracts, and client issues related to the terms and conditions of sale, and service contracts, allows the firm to strengthen, optimise, and lock-in the contracts concluded by the businesses represented by the firm.

PICART accompanies its clients :

  •  In defining their contract strategy for the launching of their projects and deploying their activity;
  •  During the pre-contractual phase of negotiations with their partners, suppliers, subcontractors, and intermediaries, with a view towards materialising and securing their projects;
  •  In drafting the relevant contracts to achieve their projects and market the company’s products and services.

On-going advice and assistance to businesses when negotiating and drafting research & development partnerships in the energy and scientific fields of geology, chemistry, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, etc.

Advice and assistance to businesses in their relations with subcontractors and manufacturers for the industrialisation of their products – textiles, electronics, and cosmetics, etc.


In 2023, DECIDEURS magazine ranked PICART among the best law firms in France and highlighted its “renowned expertise” in COMMERCIAL LITIGATION.


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