In France and more generally within the European Union, business takes place in regulated markets that are sometimes hard to comprehend.

Unfair competition, concerted actions and abuse of dominant positions, concentrations, restrictive practices with significant imbalances, and abrupt breaks in established relations are all risks that the company takes or is subjected to.

PICART’s long and highly specialised experience in the field is apparent in the preventive and curative components such as safeguarding business actions, and ensuring compliance with competition rules, within the framework of settling very specific disputes related to competition law.

PICART is also a member of the French Association for the Study of Competition (AFEC), of the International League of Competition Law (LIDC)  and the Association of Competition Law Practitioners (APDC).


Securing and validating the organisational strategy of distribution networks in light of the risks of concerted practices and abuse of dominant positions in various business sectors such as specialised trade, regulated sectors, and mass retailing.

Mergers notification.

On-going assistance and representation in competition litigation (antitrust and mergers). PICART represents plaintiffs in direct referrals to the competition authorities or assists defendants before the competition authorities and courts.


In 2023, for the seventh consecutive year, DECIDEURS magazine ranked PICART among the best law firms in France and highlighted its “highly recommanded expertise ” in ANTITRUST & ANTICOMPETITIVE PRACTICES.


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